In Sardor 2008 the majority of the workforce is made up of women. Mostly working in production, they produce their own favorite snacks – chips, crackers, corn sticks, sweet and chewy candies and more. Assessing the contribution of women to a successful graduation, the management of the “Sardor” company really supports a special social program that greatly facilitates the work of women. The company elected the Women’s Council. As part of the implementation of the tasks of the women’s team, a meeting was recently organized here. Responsible workers of the Executive body of Tursunzade city – the head of the department for work among women and families Khurshedabonu Urokova, the secretary of the commission for the protection of children’s rights Lyubatoy Azimova and the leading specialist of the Women’s Council of the city Firuza Muminova came to visit the workers of “Sardor”. In a warm atmosphere, a confidential conversation took place on the topics of topical problems of our time. The guests spoke about initiatives aimed at improving the education of women, strengthening moral values, family traditions and involving women in public life. The very important responsibilities of parental responsibility in the upbringing of children were also discussed. According to the participants, the meeting was very useful and left a pleasant impression. At the end of the meeting, the guests examined the production facilities, got acquainted with the new products and highly appreciated the working and living conditions of the employees of LLC “Sardor 2008”.