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    In 2010, LLC "Sardor 2008" company released the first product - corn sticks under the Simba brand. Today, we have launched the production of 105 types of products for 6 brands. For 13 years now we have been delighting you with crackers, seeds, corn sticks, halva, chewing gums and sweets. And we're not going to stop there.

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    Currently, our company “Sardor 2008” produces the following snack products – chips, croutons, seeds, corn sticks, chewing gums, chewing sweets and halva. Sardor 2008 has been successfully operating on the market for more than 12 years. During this time, the company has significantly expanded its capabilities. The release of a range of flavors and products up to more than 40 price list positions has been launched and leadership has been achieved throughout the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan. Today, the company’s team continues to work on expanding the range for each product separately. The goal of “Sardor 2008” company  is to become an international food production company and represent the Republic of Tajikistan in the international arena. This focuses the attention of the team on the most important thing – to justify the trust of customers.

    The “Sardor” team sees honest business conduct and maximum compliance with the conditions and expectations of partners among its main priorities. The scope of our activity is the production and delivery of high quality food products. Employees of the company are considered to be true professionals in their field.


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