World news from snack producers tells that Kellogg’s, a well-known chip manufacturer in Europe, has decided to create a new line of its product with a reduced salt content. It is worth noting that the Pringles brand chips owned by the company are now made with the addition of fiber and grains such as wheat and barley. It is interesting that manufacturers have added natural flavors to the crispy novelty, which hide the lack of salt and at the same time, retain their usual taste.

It is also noteworthy that such novelties are produced as part of a ten-year program launched by this company back in 2021. It aims to improve the taste and packaging of products so that they are better for consumers.

The development of world trends is also in the field of attention of the specialists of the company “Sardor 2008”, which produces snacks in Tajikistan. So, quite recently, domestic buyers have noticed that the taste indicators of the company’s chips have improved. And the new shape and design of the packaging also reminded customers that the company “Sardor” chips have become even better.

According to the chief technologist of the company, Jonshoh Nematov, the line of manufactured chips consists of five flavor samples. Recent work on improving the recipe has improved the taste and structure of the product, which has given positive results. In the scientific and experimental laboratory, the companies are constantly monitoring new discoveries in the field of snacks.

Improving the taste of products of the company “Sardor 2008” and maintaining high quality are a priority in the company’s values.