Children’s festival in Khujand

On June 4, Sardor and Megafon held a children’s festival “Megakids” in the Khujand park “Chumchuk-Aral”. The festival was attended by over 1500 thousand people. Our company has been a tasty partner of this festival.

The festival had a variety of areas where children and adults participated in competitions and had fun. We gave the children sweet gifts, balloons, souvenirs. We held a tasting, where our guests were treated to seeds and crackers.


         The main awards of the “Super Games” among the employees of the regional sales offices of the commercial directorate of the company “Sardor 2008” – vouchers for a week-long vacation in Dubai were given to the head of the Farkhor sales office Jonibek Haidar and trade representative of the Khujand branch Mahfuzahon Nizamova. These became known last Saturday, January 14, at the regular general meeting of the team. The main difference between the monthly meeting and the previous ones was that it was broadcast online for employees of branches of the Sughd region, and the business coach of this event was the CEO of “Sardor 2008”, who in a convenient and understandable form managed to bring to the audience the importance and advantages of modern management implemented in the company. A blitz quiz was held on the subject of the training, which showed high activity of employees.

The second part of the event was devoted to rewarding the best employees of the company.

For the successful implementation of their sales plans, 15 employees of the company from regional branches received cash awards and letters of thanks.

And the valuable prizes of the above “Super-Game” – modern phones of the latest Samsung models were awarded to the supervisor from the J. Rumi region Alisher Alamurodzoda and the sales representative from Istaravshan Abuali Abdurahimov.

It is worth saying that, at the request of Jonibek Khaydarov, his trip to Dubai was replaced by Umrah – a pilgrimage to the Holy Kaaba.

The general meeting of the company, in addition to the main purpose, also became a good platform for its participants for live meetings and communication with colleagues, discussions of current affairs and acquaintance with technology on a production tour.