The “Sardor” company regularly holds events that meet the wishes of employees. Highlights, excursion trips or sporting events are held according to the wishes of the team. So this time it was decided to hold a winter tournament in checkers among women “Sardor”. Leaving all the trouble for a while, the company’s activists gathered to prove their superiority on the checkerboards.

24 applications for participation in the winter checkers tournament were received by the organizing committee of the competition from the workers of the shops and departments of the company. The organizers did their best to ensure that the participants of the tournament played games in comfortable conditions. According to the rules, the first stage of the competition will be held in groups.

The group winners then form the final part of the tournament. In accordance with the calendar, the games of the tournament will last until January 20 next year. As is customary in “Sardor”, the winner and prize-winners of the tournament will be awarded with certificates and valuable prizes from the company.