Promotion 3600 gifts

Buy Chaps products

1. Find coupons in packs

2. Follow the QR code

3. Register on the site

4. And enter Promo Codes

The more promo codes, the greater the chance to win valuable prizes. Every 15 days draws will be held live on Instagram and on the air of “New Radio” on the wave 95.5 FM

The conditions are simple: Buy Chaps products, find coupons and register them on the website in your personal account. The more coupons, the greater the chance to become the owner of one, and maybe even several gifts.


From the total number of Promo Codes, the winning coupons and their holders for each of the types of gifts will be determined using a random selection generator. The winning Promo codes will be deleted, and the rest will remain in your lists for the opportunity to participate in the next draw, which will be in 15 days.

Every 15 days we will give away:



Wireless headphones

Thermo mug


iPhone 14

IMPORTANT: To receive a gift, you must provide a coupon with Promo Codes. Do not transfer or lose coupons. Without coupons, you will not be able to claim your prize.

This promotion will last 3 months, from December 10 to the end of March. Tel: 44 625 26 27